Life Building International

Partner in Preventive, Sustainable, and Innovative Community Development
At LBI – Life Building International, we embrace a mission that embodies the power of community and action. Our approach is grounded in the principles of prevention, sustainability, and innovation, and we are committed to supporting people both domestically and abroad as needed.

Our core areas of work reflect this dedication:
Migrants: We aim to support migrants and refugees through practical assistance and empowerment. Our programs focus on enhancing opportunities and well-being for these individuals to facilitate their integration.
Workshops and Seminars: Our educational initiatives encompass workshops and seminars that disseminate knowledge and skills for personal and professional growth. We believe that knowledge is a key to progress.
Kids Home: LBI actively contributes to supporting a children’s home in Indonesia, providing an intimate and caring environment for orphaned children or those without parents to care for them. Our primary goal in fundraising is to offer these children the opportunity to attend school, to provide a loving family-like atmosphere for them to grow up in, and to give them hope for a promising future.” Through self-sustaining projects, they aim to eventually become self-reliant.
“Set the Captives Free”: Together with partner organizations, we are dedicated to releasing those who are persecuted due to their faith, race, or other causes, as well as those oppressed by human trafficking and sometimes forced into prostitution or other forms of (modern) slavery.
Health care: Our commitment to health includes helping individuals access healthcare through funding and promoting health awareness within communities.
Haven Store: Our storehouse serves as a relief center where we store supplies and aid for emergencies. We are ready to respond when needed.

Our ultimate goal is to assist people nationally and internationally through projects and practical support. Together, we are building stronger communities and aspire to contribute to a better society. We believe that prevention, sustainability, and innovation are the keys to positive change in our society. Together, we make a difference. Welcome to the Community in Action at LBI – Life Building International.