Kids Home

At the moment we are helping a family and a children’s home in Indonesia that takes care of children. Because of family circumstances, financial shortages or upbringing problems, some children cannot stay at home. Also because of the Corona situation many families lose their income and there is often a shortage of meals. LBI helps the caretaking family and the orphanage to give the children love, hope and faith in the future again. As we work closely together with these projects in Indonesia, we can work this out in a personal and involved way. Indonesia has no social services, so people often depend on outside support. Within this project children are helped with:

  • Upbringing
  • Meals
  • School
  • Recovery of family life.

This way we can offer the children a place they can call Home

Any contribution for this cause is most welcome. More information about this project in Indonesia is also available here.

If you would like to donate to our activities:
Starting January 2008 the Tax Authorities have acknowledged Life Building Ministries as an ANBI-institution. Donations are therefore tax-deductible in the Netherlands.
Bank account of Life Building Ministries Foundation (IBAN): NL43RABO01219.51.561 BIC: RaboNL
LBI is a trade name from Life Building Ministries Foundation.

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