LBI is active with international aid projects in several countries, including Indonesia

  • LBI wants to invest in people’s lives and give them a dignified existence. We will set up projects through which they can receive a certain income which enables them to support their families so they can become self-reliant.
  • Repairing and/or renewing buildings in (underprivileged) neighbourhoods to create a better living environment. These are sustainable projects in which the population itself can be closely involved.

In this way we hope to help countries with provision, sight and faith for the future.

Where does the provision come from?

Name Pro-Vision

The name Pro-Vision has various meanings including purchase, precaution(s), (legislative) provision, stock, supply, coverage, depot.

It also includes the word Vision, which means seeing, face, insight. As LBI, we want to facilitate projects in which people regain new insight and provision in what is lacking. We work closely with our partner organisations to achieve this.


Some projects:

  • Nicaragua

In November 2020 there were severe hurricanes in Nicaragua. These were accompanied by heavy rainfall. With the pandemic already afflicting the country, this had major consequences. Congress WBN, our partner organisation, took immediate action. The attached short videos show the impact and the help they received. LBI therefore wholeheartedly supported this project.

  • Indonesia

In Indonesia, we as LBI are involved with a family that has been taking care of children since 1993.

The provision includes support for meals, clothing, education, restoration of family life, as the country has no social benefits services. In short, all first necessities of life.           

If you would like to contribute to these projects:
As of January 2008, the Tax and Customs Administration has designated Stichting Life Building Ministries as an ANBI institution. Gifts/donations are therefore deductible. LBI is the trade name of Stichting Life Building Ministries. Your donation is welcome on bank account no. NL43RABO01219.51.561 t.n.v. Stichting Life Building Ministries. As a reverence you can mention the project in question if you like.

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